Legacy of the Autumnal*, photo by Tara Desai

Strolling barefoot beneath a majestic tree in autumn, I beheld and sensed around the amazing beauty of nature; the crisp and cool breeze, the mild and warm sun, and golden hues all around.

Leaves withering in mesmeric colours from the mother tree, nurtured for months, bid farewell in silence. They…

At the end of the tunnel is a bright light. Envision it in your way. Photo credit Tara Desai

CONSCIOUSNESS is beyond time and space

It’s always eternal but we don’t see such traits anywhere in the physical realm-Bhagavad Gita

Recently, a powerful yet controversial article written by Dr Mehmet Yildiz caught my attention.

This article deals with a very important subject and is of universal interest since humans…

The magic of the heavenly kiss

The first snowfall on my terrace, 26th Nov. 2021. Photo credit Tara Desai

Continued from “A blanket gift …”

As promised by the autumnal
To the dawn of the Brumal
Leaves went down greeting in colours and
My garden pets underneath in hibernation

There is no climate change
Only time change
Snowfall delayed by days
Yet as graceful as…

Image provided by the author

Winning is not everything but a small step in enhancing the journey of self-confidence-author

Today morning when I switched on the laptop, I saw the message; I was immensely happy and at the same time surprised.


Immediately, my family members joined expressing their joy.

This message meant a lot to me, a big colourful feather in my small literary hat. It is the…

Let empathy be everywhere

Photo credit to Tamal Mukherjee on Pixabay; (Very sadly many times, begging by a poor blind person is common in several developing countries-author).

Humans are remarkably humane seeing someone more deprived in life. It doesn’t depend on race, culture, region etc. The incident I narrate has been stored in my memory for years.

Those were my days going to university by bus with friends. The bus stand was commonplace…

Hi Markus,

sucha wonderful spirituial question!

Please tell me who I am, who I am, who I am, who I

This is in the mind of everyone but where is the answer, it is divine....

Beautiful article....

Tanks for saring

Nature’s multi-facets

A breathtaking view of the brume in a silvery blanket in the “Semmering pass” between Rax Mountain and Schneeberg (Snow Mountain), Austria

A mesmerizing view of the “Semmering pass” midway to the peak. Photo credit Tara Desai

I’m moving slowly up the acclivitous
Against the gigantic frosty brume
That’s obstructing and obscuring my path
Yet thrusting my hope to the peak

Standing wrapped…

Tara Desai PhD

I love nature, sensitive literature, history, philosophy, travelling and scientific advances. I am a PhD in Nuclear Energy and always in search of knowledge.

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