Photo@Tara Desai

Happy Mother’s Day!

Beautiful Roses from my garden for Mother’s day, photo by author

A sad experience by the author

To my dear Sister Padma, with love. Photo by the author

In life, uncertainty is a multifold gamble; play it safe.

If you have a nice act for your dear ones, do it now.

A word of affection, appreciation, encouragement, gift, making a will etc.

Perhaps…. Tomorrow…. too late

Empower your-self

“Victory port-open to all”. Photo credit-Tara Desai

“Reshape your life through the power of your will”

-Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita

You’re the owner…

A wild guess on the artist’s imagination….

“Vision of a Future: Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2021.22 Collection”. Ad on Malpensa Airport, Milan. Photo by author

The power of imagination in the ad goes beyond words

A majestic valley in the foothill of Alps, photo credit-Tara Desai

While wandering on the peaks and valleys of life,

hold for a moment;

Thou knoweth the entrenched serenity in nature.

Ignorance, thy name is stupidity.

Photo by author.

If you are cool in scratching heat then you must be a watermelon-Proverb

Tara Desai PhD

I love nature, sensitive literature, history, philosophy, travelling and scientific advances. I am a PhD in Nuclear Energy and always in search of knowledge.

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